1-844-NOT-Z00M (1-844-668-9006) is a hotline that invites audience members to dial-in to hear poetry, songs, or monologues from artists. With a focus on non-visual artistic content, the hotline provides an alternative to the Zoom realm with experiences that are easily accessed from your phone. The voice of 1-844-NOT-Z00M is Autumn Knight, an interdisciplinary artist working with performance, installation, and text. 

Vol. 4 Contributors:


Jenny Hval is a Norwegian artist and writer. Her work, spanning seven solo albums, three books, and numerous other projects, brings together musical, literary, visual, and performative modes of expression. Her latest album is The Practice of Love (2019), and her latest book, Å hate Gud (2018) was published in English in 2020 as Girls Against God.

Tennishu is a lyricist, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer from Richmond, VA. He is a member of the fusion group and Concord Records Recording Artist Butcher Brown and he is also the President and founder of James Infinite Music.

Ephraim Asili
is an artist, filmmaker, and professor in the Film Department at Bard College whose work focuses on the African diaspora as a cultural force.