Nicole Killian: between a book and a soft place

NICOLE KILLIAN: between a book and a soft place

Nicole Kilian explores the relationship between publishing, pedagogy and praxis. They are interested in repetition, looping, and the dissemination of content, with focus on the structures of the internet, shared online spaces and mobile messaging. And how these shape cultural identity from a queer perspective. Speaking from a place of art education Killian writes “What would a queering of design education look like? What would a pedagogical approach that emphasizes asking questions instead of problem solving consist of?” For this Fall, MURRMUR invites Killian to revisit mobile messaging in relation to reading and to thinking about exhibitions outside of the gallery space.


Nicole Killian is a designer, artist, and educator based in Richmond, VA. Killian’s practice oscillates between digital and analog modes for testing publishing projects. Their work has been exhibited at Sediment in Richmond, CAVE in Detroit, Arcadia Missa in London, Present Works in Milwaukee, Little Berlin in Philadelphia, Embassy in Los Angeles, Sadie Halie Projects in Brooklyn, Nomade Gallery in Hangzhou, and Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art at the Whitney Museum of American Art for Lorna Mills’ Ways of Something. Killian’s expanded approach to publishing considers objects as containers for language—language that gets activated when read, passed, held, and handled.