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Corporate Members enjoy benefits that reward employees, entertain clients, connect with community partners, and support the efforts of the ICA. We welcome the opportunity to work with your organization to customize opportunities for corporate events and employee hospitality.

  • Members-only exhibition previews
  • 10% discount on Member Plus and Premier for employees
  • Entertaining privileges through ICA’s facility rentals program
  • Recognition in Annual Report and on ICA website
  • 10% ICA Store and Café Discount
  • Advance notice of upcoming exhibitions and programs
  • Reciprocal privileges with College and University Art Museums Reciprocal Program and Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums (ROAM)

*Tax deductibility is based on a company’s benefit package

Examples of custom benefits include:

  • One private guided tour for up to 15 employees per exhibition cycle
  • Corporate Viewing evenings for Spring/Fall Exhibitions
  • Host a “Company Day”
  • Access to the ICA travel program
  • Additional customized benefits and sponsorship opportunities tailored to company interests

*Tax deductibility is based on a company’s benefit package

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate philanthropy is a critical driver for making our world a better place. Thanks to the philanthropy of local and national businesses, we can continue an open forum for dialogue and collaboration. We can bring thought-leading exhibitions here. And we can keep membership free for anyone who wants to get involved.

Our approach to corporate philanthropy begins with a relationship. When we fully understand the goals and objectives of your corporate philanthropy, we’ll find an ICA program, event, or other opportunity that advances your business while supporting our mission.

Below please find some initial opportunities to begin the conversation.

  • Two tickets to a sponsored event
  • Invitation to artist meet and greet or similar VIP experience
  • Logo printed in event program
  • Logo included in event promotional materials
  • Listed in ICA Annual Report

For information or to inquire about exhibition sponsorship opportunities, please contact Anita Yearwood, Special Events Manager (804).828.8497 or

  • Speaking opportunities at related events
  • Exclusive tours during non-public hours
  • Invitations to VIP events
  • Corporate entertaining privileges
  • Corporate membership

For information or to inquire about exhibition sponsorship opportunities, please contact Anita Yearwood, Special Events Manager at (804).828.8497 or

Aerial Rendering of the I C A

ICA Corporate Partners

Corporate partners provide in-kind gifts and services to the ICA in support of our programs and activities. To explore becoming an ICA corporate partner, please contact Anita Yearwood, Special Events Manager, at (804).828.8497 or

I C A Forking Paths exhibition photo

Corporate Match

Increase your employees’ individual giving through corporate matching. Corporate matching gift programs are a valuable source of philanthropic support for the ICA and help us build valuable partnerships with the business community. If your company is interested in participating in VCU’s matching gift program, contact Rachel Southard, Donor Relations Associate at (804).828.1896 or