Public Study


1-844-NOT-Z00M (1-844-668-9006) is a hotline that invites audience members to dial-in to hear poetry, songs, or monologues from artists. With a focus on non-visual artistic content, the hotline provides an alternative to the Zoom realm with experiences that are easily accessed from your phone. The voice of 1-844-NOT-Z00M is Autumn Knight, an interdisciplinary artist working with performance, installation, and text.


Public Annotations

Coming early June 2021

Challenging traditional perspectives is at the heart of contemporary art. But it often happens in the margins of notebooks, hidden behind closed doors. In this series, we’ll read key texts for upcoming shows and write on the margins together, using open-access PDFs. Join us for a public, collaborative process of reading, writing, and sharing ideas.


Doing Language : Word Work

Coming late May 2021

Doing Language researches modes of production and transmission that foreground language embodiment and consider the velocity at which information circulates. How do we experience language bodily, spatially, or even psychically? Intently, our research seeks to disperse the potency of language and empower people through the notion that we embody language in our day-to-day.