Public Study

Great Force: Unpacking the Process

Dive deeper into our recent Great Force show with a catalog created from the exhibition. Through this Instagram series, learn about the book’s original typeface inspired by W.E.B. Du Bois. Preview the book’s challenging essays on race in America. Revisit live events by the artists featured in Great Force. This social media series unpacks the process we use to write and think about the art we show at the ICA.

To preorder your copy of the Great Force catalog, visit our Shop page.


Xenogenesis (Virtual) Salon + Digital Dish

Virtually break bread with us and discuss the inspiration behind The Otolith Group: Xenogenesis. Through small, digital dinner gatherings, we’ll explore the writing, film, and music that inspired the exhibition’s questions about colonialism, our effect on the planet, and the unresolved histories of the African and Asian diasporas.

Stay tuned for the next event on Zoom. (RSVP required, space is limited.)



Coming July 2020

It’s an art hotline to break up those zoom calls you’ve been taking lately. Dial in to hear poetry, song, or rants. Every piece is carefully curated and will be updated regularly, giving you a window into the entertainment and inspiration that fuels the work behind our exhibitions.


Public Annotations

Coming July 2020

Challenging traditional perspectives is at the heart of contemporary art. But it often happens in the margins of notebooks, hidden behind closed doors. In this series, we’ll read key texts for upcoming shows and write on the margins together, using open-access PDFs. Join us for a public, collaborative process of reading, writing, and sharing ideas.