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Our galleries are temporarily closed for installation until September 9. Our building remains open to the public, including the ICA Shop, Community Media Center, and the exhibition Doing Language : Word Work. View the calendar to see ongoing in-person and virtual events.

Abbas Akhavan's "Untitled Garden"

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Topic Tour: Looking at Art

Saturday, Dec 1

1:00 PM–2:00 PM


Not yet confident in interpreting contemporary art? This tour offers an approach to gathering meaning from art through emotion. Explore personal reactions to art with ICA Student Guide Madeline Honig with an in-depth look at Abbas Akhavan’s Untitled Garden, Julianne Swartz’s Sine Body, and Rashid Johnson’s Monument.

Madeline Honig is a Creative Advertising major and Art History minor at VCU, originally from Yorktown, Virginia. She’s currently in her junior year and spends her free time people watching and movie watching.