A Guide to Viewing

PAUL RUCKER: I am Paul Rucker. I’m a composer, musician and visual artist. Please pick up a newspaper. It will be your guide to understanding the artifacts and objects within ’Storm in the time of Shelter’. In the newspaper there are no emotions. There are no opinions. There is only factual information about American history and how it relates to the current installation. Feel free to take an extra copy with you so you can share it with someone else to encourage them to come to the show as well.

You can look at the different robes, you can look at the different artifacts and you could figure out ways you think that they relate. Think about what you know in relationship to what you see; what you think you know, and more importantly, why do you think the way you think about these objects?


Coffee + Conversation: Paul Rucker

Member Event

Friday, Aug 10

10:30 AM–11:30 AM


Staff Pick: Paul Rucker

Thursday, Jun 21

12:30 PM–1:00 PM


Paul Rucker Makes Colorful Klan Robes to Fight Racism



Artist in Residence: Paul Rucker

Apr 21, 2018 – Sep 9, 2018