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BareSOUL Yoga //

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Mindfulness Meditation

Tuesday, Aug 6

12:15 PM–12:45 PM

Mindfulness meditation is a practice to bring attention and awareness into the present moment. This summer, we’re moving into the ICA’s top-floor gallery for a 30 minute guided meditation led by BareSOUL Yoga. Artist Rashid Johnson’s large-scale installation Monument, is intended as a place for visitors to slow down and spend time, a place for contemplation and collaboration. Come and explore individual and collective awareness around this contemplative structure.

This practice invites all levels of meditation experiences whether you’re a beginner or a skilled meditator. Chairs will be provided with an option to sit on the floor. Designed to fit into your day with ease, the meditations will take place on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday, and each will begin at 12:15pm and end at 12:45pm.