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Gallery view of Aqui me quedo/Here I Stay. Photo by David Hale.

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Sila Chanto & Belkis Ramírez: Their Lives and Works

Thursday, May 26

6:00 PM–8:00 PM


Through printmaking, painting and sculpture, the late artists Sila Chanto (Costa Rica, 1969-2015) and Belkis Ramírez (Dominican Republic, 1957-2019) powerfully explored women’s experience and rights. The ICA’s landmark new exhibition Aquí me quedo/Here I Stay is the first to bring their work together, and the first to show either artist in depth in the United States.

Join us at the ICA to learn about and celebrate the lives and works of these two artists in the company of those who know them best. The exhibition’s curator Miguel A. López, multi-disciplinary artist Joiri Minaya, and members of the artists’ families Ari Reyes and Freddyna Almonte will be present in-person. Artist, researcher, and co-founder of CasaMA, Susana Sanchez (who co-organized the Chanto archive) and artists Raquel Paiewonsky, Jorge Pineda, and Pascal Meccariello (co-founders of the Quinta Pata collective with Ramírez) will join virtually. This special event will be hosted by ICA Executive Director Dominic Asmall Willsdon.