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MURRMUR: Mariana Parisca, Visions of Matter

Wednesday, Nov 30

6:30 PM–8:00 PM



Join us for a participatory publishing workshop. Using a compound microscope and a scanner, participants will create images of things we value. Images and notes will be collected and bound into a small edition publication. Each participant will receive a copy of the publication. Their image of a thing they value alongside others serves as an exploration of the variety and subjectivity of worth, and of our relationship to what we call “inanimate objects”.

You are invited to use the list of prompts below to conjure a thing to bring to this event. You may also expand upon this list.

Bring a thing you value

Maybe it….

has moved with you


holds potential

has fungibility

is something you would never trade

was saved from oblivion

holds you in attachment

is charged with spiritual powers

is of great utility

was charged with labor

assigns blame

reminds you…


Misread Unread Read Re-read Misread Unread Re-read (MURRMUR) is a year-long publishing program taking place at the ICA. MURRMUR is developed in conversation with participating artists and educators, committed to expanding how we think about exhibitions, what it means to read, publish, and distribute art, books, and ideas. The artists invited to MURRMUR are thinking about the environments and methods in which we publish and read — individually and collective — and how reading can be reimagined as situation or experience.

MURRMUR seeks to break down, massage, map, and circulate information through experiments, improvisations, and alternative curriculums led by various facilitators. The ICA becomes a situation for testing ideas and for building language collectively. Together we learn how to disrupt ideas of authorship and fixed forms of knowledge.

MURRMUR features a series of prototypes, projects, publications and presentations by artists, designers, writers, poets, publishers, including Rafael Domenech, Nicole Kilian, Riley Hooker this Fall, and others.