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Artist Workshop: Strategic Planning (Part 2)

Saturday, Jan 25

10:00 AM–12:00 PM

How do you visualize the course of your future as an artist or creative? How can you use your skills to support your practice? How do you price your work, your time and your abilities? This seminar will help you get where you want to be by encouraging you to set personal goals, to inventory your skills, and to view money less as a reward and more of a tool. Participants will consider the value and drawbacks of their own procrastination. This seminar will appeal to those who are curious about taking their creativity to a new level by marketing and selling for a modest side income. Participants will leave the seminar with an individualized action plan based on their goals.

This workshop is Part 2 of the Strategic Planning workshop that took place in November of 2019. You are not required to have attended Part 1.