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Our galleries are temporarily closed for installation until September 9. Our building remains open to the public, including the ICA Shop, Community Media Center, and the exhibition Doing Language : Word Work. View the calendar to see ongoing in-person and virtual events.

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Sign Ups: Estman Radio

Apr 25, 2018 – Sep 5, 2018

Wednesdays, 10 am–4 pm

Marinella Senatore’s Estman Radio is an ongoing project in which the artist creates space for anyone to share their ideas in an open way. For the duration of Declaration, the piece will operate as a “self-service” radio platform. You are invited to use the equipment to record ideas, conversations, and declarations, or to submit contributions by email (see instructions at You may stay to listen as others record, or browse prior submissions on the Estman Radio archive using the iPad on the small table.

The recording equipment is generally available on a first-come basis; however, hour-long Wednesday slots may be reserved filling out the form below:

For questions or cancellations, contact Dan Nemer at