Doing Language : Word Work is a multi-part project that upends traditional notions of publishing by highlighting the work of artists whose practices engage with language in various—and often unconventional—ways. Inspired by Toni Morrison’s Nobel Prize speech, Doing Language : Word Work aims to foreground conversations and publishing processes in collaboration with five artists: agustine zegers, Riley Hooker, Malcolm Peacock, Joselia Hughes, and Bryan Castro. This research seeks a range of formats for language embodiment; formats that may be gestural, intimate, subtle, or immaterial.

In conjunction with VCUarts GDES 491 class in Spring ’21, these artists collaborate with students to research, develop, and produce work–or editions–that foreground process. In the fall of ’21, each artist’s edition will be released by the ICA Shop

Additionally, artists from Doing Language : Word Work will take over the upcoming volumes 6 and 7 of 1-844-NOT-Z00M, with audio submissions from Justin Allen, Chloë Bass, Massa Lemu, Joselia Hughes, Malcolm Peacock, and MA.MOYO.

The project is co-organized by ICA Assistant Curator for Commerce and Publications Egbert Vongmalaithong and ICA Research Fellow and VCU Assistant Professor in Graphic Design Nontsikelelo Mutiti.